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We have workdays from time to time at camp, if you would like to help, contact Joel Hume at 509-663-6724 or email: humefolks@msn.com ; or Lanny O’Cain 206-696-0578 or email: scribblur@frontier.com .


We appreciate your prayers for the Lord’s leading and provision of finances for camp.  The camp facilities need upkeep and in the off season we have expenses due to repair projects and on-going maintenance to the facilities. If you would like to make a donation to the Entiat Valley Family Camp a gift of any size would be greatly appreciated. Make checks payable to the Central Washington Holiness Association and send to: Phyllis Griffith, 2800 Entiat Way, Entiat, WA 98822.

Camp 2012 Sermons by Rev. Rodger Moyer

Click the links below to listen to the Spiritfilled messages from camp. (Right click/Save Target As... to download.)

The Need of the Holy Spirit
Is Your Religion Good Enough?
It's all about Jesus
Saving Grace
God's Great Love
True Repentance
Sanctification: God's Desire for You
Calvary Holiness
Without Holiness
To Be Or Not To Be
Do You Want to be Healed?
How to Pray for Others

Keep up with our WGM Missionaries

Pray for them, drop them a note, send them an email, or go to their FaceBook page or to the WGM website.

Brandon Kuba (2011 and 2017 camp)

Christina McBride (2010 camp).

Dr. Steve and Alene Burgert (2009 camp), Tenwek Hospital, Kenya

Mark and Serena Dunbar, Honduras (2012 and 2018 camp).



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